So today I turn 27.

I feel like I've already accomplished a lot in my (relatively) short time hanging out in the world: finished schooling through university, got married to a beautiful, loving woman, started a family, got my career off to a pretty decent start, bought (two) houses, and the list goes on in no particular order.

However, it's still an interesting feeling… that is, transitioning from my mid-to-late-twenties. Apparently it's not uncommon to have a quarter-life crisis around this age; who could blame you given the circumstances a lot of people my age deal with: finishing school, student loans, starting your career, finding your place in the world, etc.

But am I nervous about getting to 30 soon? I don't know. Am I going to have a quarter-life crisis? Probably not. I will say, however, that I can already feel 30 creeping up on me, as I'm no longer the youngest in a lot of groups like the "good-ol' days" (work, social, or otherwise). I think I'm starting to come to terms with that scenario, though.

Anyway, I have no specific points or agenda with this post; it's more of a self-reflection on my current state in life. I'm sure you'll see one of these in 3 years when I do finally hit 30; I'm curious to see where I'm at then.

Here's to another year!