Yesterday's Big News: Promoted!

Jan 10, 2015

Yesterday's Big News: Promoted!

Yesterday I had tweeted about some awesome news, but then I failed to actually follow up. Sorry about that.

The news is: I've been promoted to a Senior Software Engineer. After just a year at Skyline Technologies, I've been able to get stuff done, make an impression, and move on up.

Thank you to my manager and director for vouching for me to the leadership team; it's amazing to work on such a great team and to be recognized for my contributions. And of course thanks to the leadership team for agreeing with them and giving the thumbs up! And probably the biggest thank you goes to my coworkers, peers, and clients that all gave me stellar reviews (that made for excellent justification material). Blessed, I am.

So far it's been an awesome year at Skyline, and I'm looking forward to many more. On to the future!

Update: The official announcement at work went out last Friday. My manager wrote this nice piece to be passed around the office:

Please join me in congratulating Brandon Martinez for his promotion to Senior Software Engineer I. Brandon joined Skyline's SWAT team just over a year ago. He quickly became an indispensable member of the team as a go-to person for solving challenging problems. He is a technology evangelist, natural thought-leader, team player, and all-around technical whiz. He quickly became regarded as a top performer through his technical leadership on the SWAT team and beyond (e.g. his work on the Microsoft Manufacturing POC) as well as his thought leadership and community involvement (e.g. blogging, speaking, yammer posts).

Brandon is a team player who never hesitates to offer technical guidance to his teammates on all things Web, MVC, Entity Framework, JavaScript, JSON, JQuery, Azure, ALM and others. He has a humble and collaborative style that makes him very approachable. He always has a positive attitude and is very committed to lifelong learning and thought leadership.

Brandon is also very active in the broader technical community. In his first year at Skyline he spoke at Grand Rapids Dev Day, thatConference, and a Skyline Lunch and Learn on JavaScript and 'Promises' and he was a guest of the MSDevShow Podcast twice on JavaScript Promises and Azure Mobile Services. And be sure to check out his personal blog where you might find some good technical advice or maybe even a new recipe.

Brandon hails from Ludington MI, so track him down on Lync to say congrats! I recommend video. I have yet to catch him in pajamas!

Mike Lauer