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Hey there! I'm Brandon – a 30-something geek working from home on the west coast of Michigan. I live with my wife and our three awesome kids in our little hometown.

I’m currently working remotely for Microsoft as a Senior Customer Engineer. I’m primarily a C# .NET developer targeting Azure and the cloud, but I’m also a highly-skilled web and UI developer. For more info on my technical skills, feel free to check out my LinkedIn or Careers 2.0 pages.

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UDM-Pro and Apple Homekit mDNS Configuration

The UDM-Pro is an impressive piece of networking hardware. However, Ubiquiti has moved away from some of the internals present in their USG, and as such a few things aren't working quite as expected; one of those being the mDNS Reflector.

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My Associations


These are my current organizational associations that I work with on a daily or weekly basis.


My primary employer. I'm a senior customer engineer, working on the FastTrack for Azure team. I help independent software vendors better utilize Azure services and bring their products into the cloud.

Martinez Media, LLC

My side media consulting business. Specializing in photography, social media management, and small website design and development.

The Average Enthusiasts

A bi-weekly podcast that I host with my best friend, Kenny.

THAT Conference, NFP

The biggest tech conference in the Midwest. I'm a core contributor to the conference, focusing on social media, graphic management, and photography.

Radiant Coast

The local church I attend where I serve in the worship, production, and creative ministries as a volunteer.

My Gear


It takes tools to get the job done! These are the devices, widgets, and other gear I use on a regular basis to get my day job, hobbies, passions, and daily life activities completed from start to finish.


3D Printing

One of my newest hobbies, I'm starting to dive into the world of 3D printing. I only have a small gear selection at the moment, but it's growing fast!
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Around the Home

As a homeowner, there are tons of gadgets and devices that help keep the home running. These are some of the more noteworthy items.
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Both my wife and I are huge into the world of coffee – and we have the gear and gadgets to prove it!
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Computer Workstation

In early 2019, I revamped my primary computer workstation. After hours of research, I designed and purchased phase one of my current setup. More to come!
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Ask any of my friends, I am a top-class foodie. I love everything from the preparation to the science of cooking. Checkout some of my favorite tools!
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Everyday Carry

Always be prepared! Or at least, most of the time. These are items I keep on my person most of the time.
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Graphics and Mixed Media

While my day job is very technical, I love to branch out in the creative realm on the side – everything from cutting vinyl to graphic design. These are the tools I use to create fun projects.
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Music and Audio Production

When I was younger, I always had a dream tucked away that I would be a rockstar. While that didn't happen, I still love to write and record music. Checkout my instruments and audio gear in my "home studio"!
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Technically, this could have fit under the "Graphics and Mixed Media" section, but there's enough gear here to warrant its own page.
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A man's gotta do what a man's gotta do… to control the never-ending supply of hair on their face. A few years back I switched to a safety razor – here are some of my favorite products to use with it.
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My Experience


Our experiences are a major influence in who we are. These are my experiences, both professional and personal, within organizations.

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    Senior Customer Engineer


    May 2020 Present

    I'm a senior customer engineer, working on the FastTrack for Azure team. I help independent software vendors better utilize Azure services and bring their products into the cloud.

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    The Average Enthusiasts

    September 2017 Present

    A podcast about nothing, but everything at the same time. I'm a co-host with one of my best friends, Kenny, where we talk about whatever is on our minds or going on in the worlds of gaming, media, and even in our personal day-to-day.

    We try to publish bi-weekly, though slip on occasion. Check us out on iTunes or subscribe via Facebook or YouTube!

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    Worship, Creative, and Production Volunteer

    Radiant Coast

    October 2015 Present

    A volunteer member of the Worship Team as a multi-instrumentalist and occasional vocalist, I have served in both member and leadership capacities on the team. As interim band-director, I was able to improve team communication and management, while also helping the lead pastor organize and maintain a growing repertoire of songs and missional objectives.

    In addition to serving in a musical capacity, I've also helped expand and pioneer the areas of audio and sound production with automated lyrical projection, multitrack playback, and other interconnected technologies to help achieve continued outreach goals.

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    Social Media Manager

    THAT Conference, NFP

    April 2014 Present

    The largest tech and geek conference in the Midwest! I am a volunteer core team member mostly working on social media and external brand management, but also on occasion working with their custom code platforms to help run the conference and pre-conference events throughout the year.

    During the conference, I am also the official photographer for the event, working to capture all of the awesome stuff that happens during this multi-day conference.

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    Senior Software Engineer II

    Skyline Technologies, Inc.

    December 2013 May 2020

    As not just a software engineer, but also as a consultant, I work with clients across various industries to help develop systems to better their day-to-day processes and products. Some of those industries include manufacturing and print, finance, healthcare and insurance, among others.

    I specialize in web-based solutions, including both on-premise and cloud (mostly Azure but some AWS and GCP as well), using a wide range of technology stacks such as Microsoft's .NET Core and node.js platforms.

    In addition to development, I also help architect and design how these systems will function both internally and integrating with external systems (often against legacy-style services).

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    Senior Software Engineer

    Orion Energy Systems, Inc.

    June 2012 November 2013

    Helped to develop and maintain an employee-centric web application with a team of three other developers. In addition to helping implement Scrum methodologies, I was able to help rapidly expand the functionality of their web applications, providing valuable information and reporting tools to the company.

    I believe in sharing knowledge with fellow team members to help enrich the entire team and adopt new technologies. At Orion, I gave educational presentations which covered topics such as data migration, web-oriented MVVM, and object-oriented CSS.

    Additionally, my work was done via telecommuting. Using numerous technologies, such as Microsoft Lync, FogBugz, Trello, and two custom-built, always-on "virtual presence" PCs, I was able to be a valuable team member and perform my tasks equal to or above on-site expectations.

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    Owner, Consultant

    Martinez Media, LLC

    February 2011 Present

    My personal Limited Liability Company for side work, specializing in small websites, photography, and other media services to local community members and businesses.

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    Worship Volunteer

    Cornerstone Baptist Church

    October 2010 September 2015

    As a multi-instrumentalist on the Worship Team, I played electric and acoustic guitar, bass, and drums. Served in a volunteer role nearly every week during my tenure on the team.

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    Web Editor, Photographer

    Ferris State Torch

    May 2009 June 2010

    Served primarily in two capacities: as the web editor and as a photographer. As web editor, I brought major innovations to the school newspaper's online presence and digital management by migrating the site from a static, manually uploaded website to a CMS-driven dynamic web experience.

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    Lead Software Developer

    Independent Printing Company, Inc.

    May 2009 June 2012

    Lead and participated in the development of automation systems, reporting frameworks, integration services, and other infrastructure to improve company efficiency in its print and production processes.

    This was my first full-time remote job during my career. I started as an on-site intern the summer of 2009 as a software developer, quickly becoming part time during my senior year at FSU as a remote employee. Upon graduation, became a full-time remote employee quickly moving from software developer to lead software developer of the Information Systems department.

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    Commissioner at Large, Member

    Graphic Arts Association

    September 2008 May 2010

    A Registered Student Organization at Ferris State University. I was a member my first year at FSU, then became the Commissioner at Large for my senior year. Primary responsibilities were communications with members and external entities. Helped introduce new technologies for communication across the organization, including revamping their web presence and providing dedicated email accounts to all members.

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    Bachelor of Science, New Media Printing and Publishing

    Ferris State University

    August 2008 May 2010

    Attended university for my junior and senior years of school, majoring in a print management program. Received a BS degree in New Media Printing and Publishing.

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    Associates of Applied Science, Network Services

    West Shore Community College

    August 2006 May 2008

    Attended community college for my freshman and sophomore years of post-high school educated. I focused and majored in Network Services, receiving an Associates of Applied Science.

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    Front Desk, Typesetting, Print Shop Hand

    Business Print, Inc.

    June 2006 July 2008

    A local quick printer — I was involved with everything from front desk order entry and client interaction to the shop floor. Specialized in prepress, typesetting, and light graphic design,

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    May 2002 February 2011

    A small side endeavor of mine specializing in WordPress-based websites, web development and design, computer repair, and photography. Worked with other local companies as a sub-contractor, such as Titanium Interactive.

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    High School Graduate

    Ludington High School

    September 2001 June 2006

    A proud Oriole of LHS. Maintained a consistent 3.4+ GPA while joining organizations like the Business Professionals of America and other extracurriculars.