From Callback Hell to the JavaScript "Promise" Land [Revised Recap]

Mar 28, 2015

From Callback Hell to the JavaScript "Promise" Land [Revised Recap]

If you had the opportunity to attend my presentation at the 2015 NEWCodeCamp, thank you for coming out to see me. You'll find the abstract, presentation, and additional resources in this post.


We’ve all been there: buried 15 layers deep in JavaScript functions wondering where in the Callback Hell we are. How did we get here? Handling asynchronous code forces us to build an unmanageable stack of function calls, often leaving us buried beneath them. Is there a better way to handle this? Luckily, there is; I promise.

JavaScript promises give us an elegant way to handle asynchronous code. Through the power of its “then” method, we’re able to chain, instead of stack, our logic together.


Open presentation in a new window.

Source Code

Source for the presentation as well as the demo pages can be found on GitHub: brandonmartinez/From-Callback-Hell-To-The-JavaScript-Promise-Land.

Source for the demo's API will be available soon.

Additional Reading

I've given this talk a few times, so please feel free to browse my other posts for additional reading: