Repair a Broken iWorks '09 Install

If you're running into an issue with any of your iWorks '09 applications, Pages, Numbers, or Keynote, crashing on startup, this might help.

I was working on a friends computer to resolve an issue with this error:

Looking in the Console, these errors were common:

11/19/12 9:50:43 PM \[0x0-0x137137\]\[6440\] dyld: Library not loaded: @rpath/Inventor.framework/Versions/C/Inventor

It appeared some of the library references were corrupted, and a reinstall over the top didn't fix them. After a bit of investigation, it looks like the recommended action was to do a full uninstall, followed by a clean install.

To do a full uninstall and reinstall:

  1. Download and unzip this script:
  2. Open terminal, navigate to your unzip directory, and run these two commands:
    sudo chmod 777 sudo ./
3. Rerun the iWorks '09 installer.

From there, your installation should be repaired. You will have to re-enter your license key, and probably reset your preferences.

This works with iWorks installed from Apple's installer package; I have **not** tested this with any of the iWorks apps downloaded from the App Store.

### References

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