Microblogging Should't Mean Microcommenting

Aug 21, 2010

Microblogging Should't Mean Microcommenting

If you haven't noticed, I've been working in the Tumblr world as of late. For the most part, I've found it to be an excellent microblogging platform. However, I have one major gripe.

Until recently, Tumblr didn't support comments (natively). They've implemented them as what they call "replies". I think there has to be a question in your post for you to enable replies (at least, that's what makes the "Allow Replies" checkbox appear). Even then, replies are limited to 250 characters.

Now, I believe that if you're going to enable comments, go full-force. If you're allowed to write a full post, and you ask for my reply, why can't I give a full reply? Either stand on your soapbox and leave it as that, or let me stand next to you for a moment so I can state my opinion when you're done.

What can I do with 250 characters? Should I write my own tumble and link to it? Should I just repost your article and comment on that? There's not a lot you can fit in that kind of limit and give a well thought-out response.

Tumblr: let me say a little more, please. I promise, it will be well thought out.