Wii Finally Found a Wiimote!

For Christmas, Joy bought me a Wii. Being one of the best gifts you can get this year, I was excited to start building a game collection and finding other additional things to go along with it. I ordered my copy of New Super Mario Bros. (which I'm expecting in the mail by Monday), an additional off-brand Wiimote, and a neat charging station with rechargeable batteries for the Wiimote. It was all working great, except that the off-brand Wiimote didn't fit in the charging station properly!

I decided to take the Nyko Wiimote back and replace it with an Official Nintendo model. After I made the return, I went to grab a Wiimote. Completely. Sold. Out. Across all of Big Rapids. Even more so, across this entire part of the state (I check on Walmart.com for a 100mi radius)! Now what?

Obviously, I could order one online and wait a few weeks for it to be delivered. By then, however, the stores would probably have them in stock.

After searching for other alternatives, I found the Walmart in Ludington had the black Wiimote with MotionPlus. After talking it over with Joy, I made the decision to buy one. I went to Walmart to pick it up, and guess what? Sold out! This was getting far beyond ridiculous.

Since I was left without an additional Wiimote for who-knows-how-long, I switched from my main quest to a filler: I looked at the available games to see if I could catch a sale. As I was browsing through the game section, my eye caught something on the very bottom shelf. Two copies of Wii Play.

If you notice from the above image, Wii Play comes with a bonus Wiimote. Jackpot! For and additional $20, I could have the Wiimote and 9 additional Mii-based mini-games. Taking into consideration I would have to wait for an unknown amount of time to get an additional Wiimote, this was a steal. I quickly bought a copy and called it a day.

Moral of the Story: Make sure you check all of your avenues when looking for gaming peripherals. If you need a Wiimote, Wii Play is an awesome deal and the answer to your search.

An additional note: When I was purchasing Wii Play, the associate at Walmart actually told me people were buying this game only for the fact that it had the Wiimote included. I guess I'm not the first to discover this neat tip.