Easily Copy or Move Files to Dropbox

If you're an avid Dropbox user like myself, you may find that getting files to your Dropbox folder isn't always the easiest task. If you're rooted deep into the filesystem, sometimes you want a quick way to send a file to your public folder without having leave your current location. Well, now there is an easy to use solution (Mac OS X only).

I have created a set of Mac OS X services that allow you to quickly copy or move files to your Dropbox public folder. You can find them here: Installation instructions are available in the README file contained in the ZIP archive.

Once you have the services properly installed, they're really simple to use. You right/ctrl-click a file(s), and select Services from the context menu, then either Copy to Dropbox Public Folder or Move to Dropbox Public Folder. When the service finishes running, it will automatically open the public folder.

From there, if you would like to share that file's public Dropbox URL you can right-click the file and select Dropbox -> Copy Public Link; this puts the link to the file on your clipboard. Paste it in a web browser to preview the file, or pass it along to a friend to share.

Here is a demonstration of using the services (if you'd like to see a large version, you can view it here):

If you don't have a Dropbox account yet, feel free to sign up using my referral code: Signup for Dropbox.

Special Thanks

Part of the inspiration for this project came from a chat with Jim Cloudman. Thanks for the idea, Jim!