iPhone 3GS and OS 3.0 (and the Palm Pre, too)

The new iPhone looks pretty cool, but it really is a minor upgrade. Besides the few hardware improvements, such as the increased processor and ram, as well as the new digital compass, not much has changed. If there is one feature that I would want from the 3GS, it'd be the digital compass, if not only for the new tomtom app that will be coming out later this summer (although, it should still work with the 3G).

I am very excited for the 3.0 release, though. Spotlight, the iCal updates, and copy-and-paste are my most anticipated features. Just over a week to go before I can update my iPhone!

Speaking of all of this cellphone stuff, I had the opportunity to play with a co-worker's new Palm pre, and I've got to say that it is a pretty slick phone. Palm really is giving Apple some competiton, and I hope Apple brings a good plate back to the table. Favorite feature of the pre: unified contacts/calendar/mail.