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Both my wife and I are huge into the world of coffee – and we have the gear and gadgets to prove it! These are some of our favorite coffee items, including brewing methods and tools to help make our coffee an amazing experience.

Brewing Methods


Chemex - Photo from Amazon

The Chemex is our daily go-to for making coffee. It provides a well-balanced, easy-to-drink cup, all while being easy to use (and clean). We have the 8-cup model — it gives us enough coffee for approximately four medium-sized coffee mugs, which easily gets us through the day or through a sitting with friends.

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Chemex Upgrades

A couple of "upgrades" we've recently picked up include this CoffeeSock. This is a great reusable filter; I would highly recommend watching this video to learn more about reusable filters.

CoffeeSock Box - Photo from Amazon

We also picked up this Chemex Cozy, which helps keep the coffee warm and, let's be honest, is really cute.

Chemex Cozy - Photo from Amazon

We've also been using this ParkBrew Pour Over Coffee Lid, which also helps keep the coffee warm longer and also prevents unwanted things from finding their way into the coffee (e.g. fruit flies).

ParkBrew Pour Over Coffee Lid - Photo from Amazon


AeroPress - Photo from Amazon

Personally, this is my favorite way to make coffee. A combination of pour-over and pressurized extraction, it provides a full-flavored, well-bodied cup. It can bring out the nuttiness and undertones of a coffee roast, while providing an amazing foundation for either an Americano or other fancy coffee drink.

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Bodum Pebo (Siphon Pot)

Bodum Pebo - Photo from Amazon

Honestly, we don't use this very often. It does make an excellent brew, but it requires so much setup to use, and the cleanup is a pain. I wish it was easier, since we would probably use it more often. It does make for a fun showpiece, however. There are other models that come with holders and burners, this specific one only has the pot itself.

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Bodum Young Press (French Press)

Bodom Young Press - Photo from Bodum

If I want to make a small batch of deep-flavored coffee, I go for my French press. I actually found this model on sale at a small coffee and sweets shop, but a French press is so basic that any model would do just fine.

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Other Tools and Accessories


AeroLatte - Photo from Amazon

A simple but easy-to-use frother for getting a good cream foam.

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HadinEEon N11 Electric Frother and Steamer

HadinEEon N11 Electric Frother and Steamer - Photo from Amazon

This is an awesome upgrade if you're looking for something more than the AeroLatte. This can make both cool and warm frothed milk or half-and-half. It's great when you're serving more than a couple of people during coffee hour, or if you just like to have a bunch of frothed milk on hand.

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Otis Classic Professional Whipped Cream Maker

Otis Classic Professional Whipped Cream Maker - Photo from Amazon

If you're looking to make café-style whipped cream and have it instantly, this is the product for you! We love how easy it is to create whipped cream, infusing flavors into our coffee while creating a very presentable end-product. Highly recommended! And of course, you can use this for more than just coffee – it's great for desserts and more!

Don't forget to grab a box of N20 chargers to load the unit.

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Starbucks Coffee Mugs

Starbuck Been There Coffee Mug Series - Photo from Amazon

One of the only things that we actually "collect". We love getting the You Are Here collection or Been There Series from Starbucks. If you'd like to send us a cup, we'll gladly accept if we don't have it!

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Favorite Coffees

Starbucks Veranda

Starbucks Veranda - Photo from Amazon

This is our standard, go-to coffee for any brewing method. It's a lighter roast, letting the true coffee flavors come through in the brew.

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1820 - Photo from Amazon

An excellent roast from Costa Rica! We've had it brought back to us by multiple friends, but it can be purchases online as well.

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More Favorites to Come!

As we find more roasts we enjoy, we'll post them here!

Favorite Syrups

Sometimes you want something a little sweet in your coffee. These are some of our favorite syrups to add in a cup:

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