A Breath of Fresh Air

My last post on this site was about how I haven't posted in a while… and that was nearly two years ago! I seriously have not been great about keeping this site updated, and I talk about it regularly on here.

As such, I'm happy to announce that I'm rethinking this site. Instead of it being "just a blog", I want this to be a landing page for anything in my public life.

For example, I often get asked about the gear I use for my day job, side jobs, or my hobbies. That often means I need to gather a bunch of links, explain what I like about that gear, and send that off to whomever is asking. That is really tedious, especially if I've had to put that same list together in the past!

Instead, I can create a page on this site under the new "gear" section of the home page with all that information.

In addition to repurposing the site, I've also used this as an opportunity to learn a new tech stack and to refine some of my React skills. I've moved the site off of WordPress, and it's now being generated with next.js. The site should be noticeably faster, as I'm taking advantage of next.js's ability to render a statically generated site, as well as being cheaper to maintain (it's literally just HTML, JS, and CSS sitting on some cloud storage).

I'm hoping the desire to pursue the tech also forces my hand a bit to keep this a bit more… fresh.

Thanks for coming along this ride with me; looking forward to generating more usable content for all of us! And please don't judge my old posts too harshly; I'm still trying to clean up some of the old content to fit this new site setup.

And no, this isn't an April Fool's joke!