Gulp, Grunt, Webpack: What's a Dev to Choose? [Screencast]

This past summer I had the pleasure of presenting at THAT Conference 2017 with my talk titled Gulp, Grunt, Webpack: What's a Dev to Choose?. In my session, I demonstrated two of the most popular JavaScript task runners, Grunt and Gulp, being used with two of the most popular bundling systems, webpack and browserify, and how they can fit into your JavaScript workflow.

If you were able to catch my presentation, thank you for coming out to support me! If you didn't have the opportunity, or you want a refresher on the content, then you're in for a treat: I recorded a streamlined version of my talk as a screencast that can be seen over at the Skyline Technologies blog; check it out!

All of the slides and source can be found on my GitHub Repository. The slides can also be viewed on GitHub Pages.