Make a SASSy CSS Cocktail: Bourbon and Bitters Served Neat [Recap]

Mar 21, 2015

Make a SASSy CSS Cocktail: Bourbon and Bitters Served Neat [Recap]

If you had the opportunity to attend my presentation at the 2015 GRDevDay or the 2015 Chicago Code Camp, thank you for coming out to see me. You'll find the abstract, presentation, and additional resources in this post.


With the popularity of CSS frameworks and preprocessors, there are many options available for web developers in modularizing their styles. But once we've gotten past some of the "do-it-all" frameworks like Twitter's Bootstrap, how can we maintain more control but still ease our development?

Simple! Three small SASS libraries: Bourbon, Neat, and Bitters. Using these three libraries, we can easily build and maintain a site's user interface, including taking advantage of newer CSS3 features such as transitions, transforms, and responsive design. In this session, we'll setup a SASS environment and get to work building a UI that you can easily maintain even after a few drinks.



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Source Code

Source for the presentation as well as the demo pages can be found on GitHub: brandonmartinez/Make-A-SASSy-CSS-Cocktail.

Additional Reading Material