A Smartphone Bike Mount That Works!

Sep 05, 2014

A Smartphone Bike Mount That Works!

Last summer I started biking as my exercise of choice. I purchased a Trek Verve 2 from the local bike shop, along with all the basics (helmet, travel bags, etc), and set out to ride over 600 miles last summer.

Using MapMyRide I was able to track all of my biking progress. However, I didn't have a good way to see my progress during the ride; I would just start the workout, tuck my phone into the bike pouch, and be on my way. Well, I finally found the solution to that problem: the HandleBand.

The HandleBand by Nite Ize

Today was the first ride with it; look how well it fits on the Verve:

HandleBand on my bike handlebars

Even after one ride, I was extremely happy with my purchase. The HandleBand is made with a strong piece of rubber that wraps around the bike post, locks to the base, then wraps around and holds your phone securely in place. Once you have the rubber locked down, it takes some serious force to move your phone.

Another big win on this was that it will work with nearly any smartphone. With the upcoming Apple announcement, I can only assume I'll be replacing my iPhone 5 with the latest model. I won't have to worry about swapping out my bike mount just because I change my phone.

If you're interested in purchasing a HandleBand, check out Nite Ize for more information. They can also be purchased on Amazon.