Introducing Martinez Media, LLC

If you are friends with me on Facebook or follow me on twitter, you may have seen me mentioning starting a Limited Liability Company (LLC). Well, after a bit of planning, I'm proud to announce that Martinez Media, LLC is a go!

Martinez Media, LLC

What is Martinez Media?

By far, that's the biggest question I've been asked. In fact, I've been asked by people I didn't even realize were interested in this sort of thing!

Martinez Media, LLC is more or less a way for me to umbrella my side ventures. Any side work that I do, including WordPress sites or media design, will be enveloped into this LLC. Also, if you've seen our photography, Photos by Brandon & Joy, that's going to be an assumed name for Martinez Media (read: doing business as).

So what do you actually do?

The meat-and-potatoes question! As I said, Martinez Media is strictly for my side ventures. Currently, that includes the following:

  • WordPress and small website design and setup
  • Media design and development (e.g. logo, graphics, typesetting and page layout)
  • Social media and SEO setup
  • Photography and photo service (e.g. training, consulting, etc)

Can you do something for me?

Over the next few weeks, I'll be moving my portfolio from this site to the newly created, as well as listing some of these services and prices. Additional contact methods will be listed on there, but for now, feel free to email me:

Martinez Media

Don't you already have a job?

Yes, I do. And as far as work goes, that will still be my number one priority. Martinez Media is meant to envelope all the extra stuff I do. Anything that would be better brought to my primary employer will be, and others will fall to Martinez Media. By no means would I be a competitor; that's just silly!

With that said, I do plan on keeping my Martinez Media schedule relatively light. So if you are interested in what I can do for you, contact me soon!