Free Windows and IE Virtual Machines for Cross-Browser Testing

Jan 14, 2014

Free Windows and IE Virtual Machines for Cross-Browser Testing

If you spend a lot of your time doing web development, then you'll realize how important cross-browser testing is. Ensuring that your site looks and functions (mostly) the same across modern, or legacy, browsers is vital.

However, one of the most difficult browsers to test is Internet Explorer. This is largely due to its availability only on the Windows platform, as well as changes between major version numbers. Well, that all changes now thanks to an offering from Microsoft.

Microsoft has created a website, modern.IE where you can find a large array of web development tools. One of the best tools offered is their large library of virtual machines that you can use to test various versions of IE on different versions of Windows.

A Sample of the Downloads Provided by Microsoft

In fact, Microsoft does us a huge solid and provides virtual machines not only to run on Windows, but to run on the Mac and Linux operating systems as well. Obviously, they want you as a web developer to ensure that users running IE get a great experience.

Grab your copies today! Download via modern.IE | Virtual Machine Downloads.