Onto a New Skyline: Pushing the Career Forward

After this week, I will be leaving my position as a senior software engineer with Orion Energy Systems, Inc.

I'd like to thank Orion for being a great employer for the past year-and-a-half. Orion was a very progressive work environment, and helped me hone a large set of my skills to where they are today.

However, as enjoyable as the experience has been, a new opportunity has presented itself offering yet another chance for me to grow in my career. As of December 2nd, I will be one of the newest associates at Skyline Technologies, joining the team as a software engineer.

Skyline Technologies

As has been the norm for a few years now, I will still be working remotely from my home in Ludington, Michigan, and will still make occasional visits to Wisconsin (or client sites) for my job. From the outside looking in, you won't notice a difference in what I'm doing.

I look forward to the new opportunities and potential that working with Skyline offers, as well as connecting with their large array of talented associates. Wish me the best of luck!