Facebook Promoted Posts: A Small Page's First Experience

Facebook recently launched a new feature for profiles and pages: promoted posts. They are meant to be a quick and easy way to get one of your posts in front of the eyes of not just your friends, but their friends as well.

Having a small Facebook page myself, I thought it'd be worth trying out the new feature. I put together a small graphic that would fit nicely expanded on my page, gave it a quick tagline, and setup the promotion; here's what it looked like:

The Post

I configured the post to run over the weekend, with a spending limit of $10. As you can see, this got it in front of many eyes, quickly becoming our top post:

Promotion Views

Promotion Stats

Facebook also gives a much more in-depth view of the promotion, showing that our reach was even further than the overall views:

Detailed Stats

Another interesting view is to see how it affected the page's "insights", or page traffic:

Detailed Visits

Obviously, this campaign faired quite well for us. But did it profit? Yes!

We do photography as a hobby, but we try to make some money off of it (albeit, not a lot). So, after spending $10, we only need to book 1 job to recoup our costs. Luckily, we picked up 3 or 4. Was this worth it? Heck yes!

This was a first experience with using the promoted post feature, and it is definitely something I would consider using again. Granted, I've heard from others in my area that they didn't fair as well, but as long as it's working for me I'll keep throwing one out there on occasion.

If you're interested in creating your own promoted post, I highly recommend checking out Facebook's Help Center article on the topic; it covers the most frequently asked questions and gives you ideas if using the feature is right for you.