How to Scalp a Watermelon

A while back, a friend of mine showed me a technique for preparing watermelon that I've come to call "scalping" a watermelon. It gets rid of all the rind, and makes it easy to cut servable pieces. Check out the video for a demonstration:

  1. Cut Off Both Ends: create a spot to set the watermelon on and a starting point for trimming.
  2. Shave Off Rind: this is where the real work is; start chopping away large chunks of the rind. Be careful not to remove too much, though.
  3. Remove Leftover Rind: I chose to do this using a combination of a knife and a vegetable peeler, but you could stick to just the knife if you wanted. Remove as much of the leftover, white rind as possible.
  4. Flip and Trim: flip the watermelon over to get any remaining, hard-to-reach rind that is left.
  5. Cut For Serving: cut and slice into easy-to-eat pieces. Enjoy!

Music in Video: Lazeez by Acoustic Alchemy

[update]Additional Technique Consideration[/update]

I really like this technique, and the speed is nice as well: