A “Happy Snap” Lightroom Workflow

I had planned on writing up my Lightroom workflow at some point, but it looks like someone beat me to it. This is an awesome post that follows a very similar Lightroom workflow to mine. Here are the main steps (the post elaborates on each one):

  1. Determine a plan of attack
  2. Download the images
  3. Eliminating the duds
  4. Sorting the usable images
  5. Create a Collection
  6. Apply initial processing to the images
  7. Process in the Develop module
  8. Make one off fixes
  9. Export and burn

There really are only a few things that I do differently, and I tend to bounce around those steps a lot. However, it's still an excellent post, and very comparable to what I do. Read the whole post here: A "Happy Snap" Lightroom Workflow.