Cuban Lime Pork Steak Over Spanish Rice

Jan 07, 2012

Cuban Lime Pork Steak Over Spanish Rice

I posted this to reddit a few weeks ago (and on Facebook a few weeks before that), but I thought that it deserved a spot on here now that I have a food section.

Pork Steak

Here's the recipe (give or take):

The Rice

I followed this for the basis: Mexican Rice @

Once I got to the step of putting in the stock and sauce, I added extra vegetables (green pepper, zucchini) and seasoning (taco and Badia). Also, I had to use a lot more oil than they recommended, and it took a lot longer to get the consistency I wanted. Probably about 45 minutes to cook.

The Meat

A healthy layering of salt and pepper on pork steak, followed up with Badia Complete Seasoning (this stuff is amazing, by the way) and lime juice to cover it all. Threw it on the grill for an hour on low heat (I have an infrared grill, which if you don't have one, cooks meat to absolute perfection).

The Side Vegetable Salsa

Diced onions and tomatoes, with slices of lime, sprinkled with Badia (it's that good, really), and a bit of extra lime juice. I cook to taste, so if you want to make this, you'll have to improvise a bit.

This is by far one of the best meat dishes I've made. I'd recommend anyone to try it.