A Possible Studio Light Setup

I've been looking into getting a small, semi-portable studio setup. Currently, I have a backdrop stand and a Canon Speedlite 430 EX II. However, I would like to take it to the next level.

After posting a question on reddit, searching the Adorama and Calumet photography supply sites, and reading several forums and reviews, including a great article on Strobist, I've landed on an AlienBees setup.

Before getting into the proposed setup, I'd like to address a common question I've been asked: "what do I want to use these lights for?" I'd like to use them for a small home-studio setup, primarily for portraits; I'd like it somewhat portable, since I don't have a lot of room in my house (I'd have to accommodate, then teardown), and on occasion I'd like to take the setup elsewhere. Eventually, I'd also like to use them outdoors (using a power-pack or really long extension cord) for outdoor portraits.

So far, I've come up with this:

The Lights

The Modifiers

I decided only one would be necessary at the moment. I'd like to eventually get a softbox, too.

The Stands


From my understanding, I should be able to use my speedlite with this adapter, and use the other AlienBees strobe via the optical trigger.

The Grand Total

The total for all of these:

  • Order Subtotal: $705.70
  • Order Discount (for purchasing two flash-units): -$14.58
  • Shipping: $34.25
  • Grand Total:$725.37


Before I make this large of a purchase, I would love some feedback. Please feel free to leave a comment, or contact me directly.