Poll: Third Annual Online Photo Contest

Feb 01, 2011

Poll: Third Annual Online Photo Contest

The Ludington Center for the Arts is having its Third Annual Online Photo Contest, and I'm seriously thinking about entering. However, I have a lot of photos to choose from, so I'd like your help. Vote below so I can submit some (hopefully winning) photos!

There are five categories to choose from. I'd like to submit at least one photo for each category. You can vote in each category, but you can only pick one photo within that category. For a larger view of the photo, click on the thumbnail.


Sports, portraits and family photos.

[poll id="3"]


Large scene, for example sunset over mountains or water.

[poll id="4"]


Domestic animals and wildlife including insects, birds, and fish.

[poll id="5"]


Leaves, trees, flower, and garden scenes.

[poll id="6"]

Free Subject/Abstract

Example: extreme close-up so the person, animal or plant is no longer identifiable.

[poll id="7"]


The deadline for the contest is now February 14th, so please have your votes in before then. Thank you for all of your help!