Floor Update: It’s Done!

Sep 07, 2010

Floor Update: It’s Done!

You may have read a previous post about our terrible staining issues. Well, that's all in the past. As of yesterday evening, we applied (hopefully) our last coat of anything to the floor.

The results:

A few notes (don't mind the quality of the picture, it's from my phone):

  • Joy and I did most of this ourselves, so it's not 100% perfect (which, of course, is to be expected).
  • There are a few spots where bubbles occurred (air, from what I can tell). Maybe the finish got shaken at some point? I have no idea.
  • There is hair trapped in a few spots (human and cat). It's kind of annoying, but only noticeable when you look closely.
  • For the most part, the finish that we chose was pretty easy to apply.
  • We applied around 3 coats of finish (it took two solid gallons of finish). We applied the last two coats pretty thick, and we started running out towards the end. We wanted to applied a third gallon, but Lowes was out of stock.
  • There is still one more step: letting the floor cure completely. It can take up to three days, but that depends on the weather/temperature/humidity.