Goodwill Hunting: The Soo

Aug 18, 2010

Goodwill Hunting: The Soo

Goodwill is quite the interesting place: tons of unwanted "junk" from other people become treasure to others. Every once-and-again I'll wander through a Goodwill to see what's going down (normally because Joy wants to find stuff), and I'll come across some interesting things. This time, it was in the Soo.

An ancient sewing machine:

An original Nintendo controller (I wish they would have had the original Nintendo!):

A snuggie-bag (it must be so you can walk around and pass out when needed):

A blackface figurine:

A bunch of clown figurines (kind of creepy):

A few creepy dolls:

I may have to make this a recurring post-style. I'm sure the Goodwill in Ludington has some interesting items…