iPhone 4

Jul 13, 2010

iPhone 4

I finally got my new iPhone.

I've had it pre-ordered since the day after pre-ordering began (I had tried day-of, but I couldn't get my order through); it finally showed up at my door yesterday afternoon (the FedEx guy even said "Congratulations" when he delivered it).

I'm not going to give a full-fledged review; there are enough of those out there. But let me say a few main points:

  • It's super-fast.
  • The photos and videos look great! Scott and I jammed last night, and I set it up to record us a couple of times. The sound was pretty decent, and the video is very clear. If I upload the videos, I'll post them here.
  • FaceTime is fun; Joy and I called Amber last night and talked for an hour or so (it's amazing the quality of the audio and video)
  • Multi-tasking works really well (for the apps that support it); I can't wait until most of the apps are updated for iOS4.
  • GPS seems to work much better than my previous phone. I have the TomTom app, and it seemed very accurate.
  • The screen is freaking amazing! The moment I turned the phone on I could tell the difference from my iPhone 3G.

The phone truly is amazing; this was definitely the right time to upgrade my iPhone 3G (Joy has been temporarily promoted to that from her BlackBerry until September, which is when she will be getting her new white iPhone 4).

My un-boxing pics:

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A couple of other important notes:

[update]Dang, I thought I was getting out scratch-free. My phone has been subjected to the faulty camera-issue. Talked to Apple; getting a replacement iPhone sent out as soon as possible. Oh well, at least it was nothing major.[/update]

[update]Apple was really helpful. I got a replacement phone already (they over-nighted it). New post on the issue coming soon.[/update]