Site Revisions Coming Soon

In the quest to deliver more interesting content, I have decided to change a couple of aspects regarding my site. Starting later today, I will be moving away from the "blog + portfolio" version of my site to something more "stream-oriented."

I plan on setting up different "streams" that you can subscribe to. For instance, if you are only interested in my photography, you can just follow that. If you want to see everything tech-related, you can follow that. Or, if you're hardcore, which you should be, you can follow the entire site (please, pick that option).

The first step of this process will start today: I'll be posting a photo-blog entry of my recent visit to Jafax 15. Over the next few weeks, as I have time and finish other projects, you will start to see more of the changes. If you have any other suggestions, sound-off in the comments!