It’s Been One of Those Days…

Apr 19, 2010

It’s Been One of Those Days…

I've had every chance to be productive today. Instead, I decided to take a break. I've been really busy over this last semester: trying to finish up my bachelor's degree, keep up with work, friends, and family, along with other side project. In today's break, two fun Photoshop projects came out of it.

A photo of Kyle beating on Jimmy Clouds:

This one was actually a lot of fun. Two separate photos from a Facebook Profile Picture Party from a week or so ago, and a few Google Images for the background, Fight Club logo, and beer bottle. Some masking and burning later, we have a fairly awesome photo.

Also, a photo Kyle painting away Bob Ross style:

We even made a video of this one.

Note: some of these photos were found on Google images; I take no copyright in the background or additional images.