Twist, Tangle and Dread: The Path to Dreadlocks (Pt 2)

It's been a couple of weeks since the dreadlock-project has started. In that time, I've had a chance to see how my hair will tolerate the "twist" method of dreadlocking. Sadly, things haven't been going to plan.

Some of the twists just wouldn't stay together. They kept fraying and falling apart, especially those on the sides of my head. After messing around in front of a mirror for a while, Joy and I found a method that appears to be working (so far at least).

We decided to backcomb the twists. Since the hair was staying parted and sectioned (it was just becoming loose), we thought backcombing would keep it in place. After a few more hours of work, she was able to backcomb the entire back of my head.

It also helped to combine some of the smaller twists. Having a little more mass helped the backcombed hair stay together a lot better. As an added bonus, it also made the hair look more "dread-like" (added a texture to the hair).

I really think that this method will be work, the "twisting backcomb". They survived through the night and seem to be all intact. I guess we'll only know that in time.

As she finishes the rest of my hair, I will update this post (should be sometime tonight or tomorrow), so be sure to check back!

[update]I lied. I thought the new pics deserved their own post. Checkout Twist, Tangle and Dread: The Path to Dreadlocks (Pt 3) for the new photos.[/update]