Happy New Year, 2010!

Another year gone by, another to look forward to! This year, I will be celebrating the coming of 2010 with family and friends in downtown Ludington for Ludington's first-ever ball-drop.

From the Ludington Daily News:

New Year’s Eve is Thursday and Ludington is ringing in 2010 with its first ever ball drop in James Street Plaza. “The ball is ready,” said Community Development Director Heather Venzke. “It flashes in two different sequences and has more than four colors.”

Mayor John Henderson said that it just went through the second redesign of the ball, because lights were added. It now has 6,000 lights.

The steel ball built by GLC Metal Fabricators is about six feet in diameter and covered in LED lights. Harsco also helped with the ball. Lighting was done by Tye’s Signs where the ball has been stored since the lights were completed.

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For those that will not be able to make it, I will attempt to update this post with pictures throughout the night from my iPhone; we'll see how it goes. For the rest of you, I hope to see you there!

Update: Due to certain circumstances, I was not able to edit this post on the go. I will upload photos (and possibly some video) on a subsequent post later this week. Sorry guys.