I Guess I'm Not So Popular…

There once was a day, a beautiful day I might add, that I was the number one result for the Google search Brandon Martinez (yes, without quotes). Now, however, I jump between 3rd and 8th place. What happened?

Well, it's probably my fault. There was a long period of time, close to a year or so, where I didn't update my site at all. I was involved in some other web projects, and my site got pushed to the back-burner. Over this past summer, I decided to try and make a comeback: I redesigned my site and started to generate more content (I've been trying to post at least once a week). However, even with my increase in updating, I'm still behind. I can only hope this turns around as I continue to update with more relevant content, and fill out the rest of the site (not only the blog, but my portfolio and about me sections).

Regardless of my current status in the Google search results, there is something that caught my eye. My Twitter account is one search result above my web site:

I can only assume this is from my update-frequency: I update my Twitter at least once a day.

Because of this, I have a new plan. Thanks to Twitter Tools, a WordPress plugin, I have been updating my twitter account whenever I create a new blog post. Twitter Tools also has another built-in option for bloggers, to create individual, daily, or monthly digests from your tweets. Since I update Twitter far more often than my website, I decided to create a daily weekly digest of all my tweets. With this, I will be generating more content, and content that is more relative to me (it's about the term "brandon martinez", so I should get a higher ranking based off that search).

Only time will tell, but let's hope that I get more popular.

Update - 12/30/2009

Alright, after a month of testing this method out, it appears to not be helping at all. In fact, it seems to have lowered my Google ranking. I guess I'll just have to keep writing content…