WordPress for iPhone

The WordPress for iPhone app is great! So far I've enjoyed using it with a couple of new blogs that I have setup (including my own). Having the ability to blog while on the to will help a lot with me actualy trying to get content on the web.

A few of the features I really like:

  • landscape mode: it's a lot easier to type long lengths of text with the iPhone landscape keyboard
  • support for drafts (local and server based), this makes it very easy to start writing a post on my iPhone, then finishing it up on my desktop/laptop (I did that with this post)
  • photo uploading; it's very easy to select photos and upload them along with a post. This will be very beneficial come next school year – I'll be able to take pics at GAA events and post them instantly with a write-up of the event

Using this in combination with my desktop should make me quite the productive writer.