I've Been Busy

It's time for a blank slate, time to start something new, and time to actually be fully productive. For the last couple of years, I've actually wanted to work on my site, but the problem was mainly time. I've always tried building custom solutions for my web site (i.e. generated a new Ruby on Rails application just so I can blog and post to a portfolio), while I was working on making other people's custom solutions. Since I no longer, or rather, never had that amount of time to dedicate to my web site, I have decided to go a new route: WordPress.

I've experimented with WordPress a few times, mainly to put together my sister's web site, and every experience has been a pleasure. So, as I was getting ready to create a site for my wife (also with WordPress), it finally dawned on me: why don't I do the same? I already had a new design that I pushed out a month or so ago, and I already had some experience with WordPress, it only made sense to do it.

So far, so good. I have the site up and going, I downloaded the iPhone WordPress client, and I decided to start fresh with all of my blogging. From now on, I want to be more focused and organized with what I write about. And now that I can finally write, instead of being stuck programming so that I have the ability at some point to write, better content should be produced and I should be happier overall with my product.

For those of you that follow me, thanks for being patient. For those of you that just now stumbled onto this site, I hope you return and enjoy what you read.