Looking for an Awesome Conference to Speak At? Checkout That Conference!

If you haven’t seen on twitter or Facebook, the That Conference call for speakers is now open until April 13th!

That Conference 2015 - Call for Speakers Now Open!

If you’re looking for conferences to submit abstracts on anything web, cloud, mobile, or even soft skill related, this is an amazing Midwest-regional multi-day conference. It’s held at an excellent location (the Kalahari in Wisconsin Dells), and the entire family is invited!

Hope to see you (speaking) there! For more information, visit the That Conference website.

Full disclaimer: I am part of the That Conference team, so I may be a little biased in my promoting.

Serve WordPress Cache Files From Azure’s CDN Service

If you’re running your WordPress site on Microsoft Azure, you may want to consider utilizing the CDN service that is available. By using the CDN service, you can host your static content such as images, scripts, and other theme components from the 31 different point of presence locations provided.

Azure CDN POP locations

When you’re trying to scale and provide content around the globe, the CDN provides a cost effective way to send static content to more users.

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Taking a Small Blog to the Big Cloud: WordPress on Azure

Microsoft Azure isn’t just an amazing platform for ASP.NET, it’s also an excellent platform for hosting the world’s most popular blogging engine: WordPress. With WordPress powering 19% of the web and Microsoft Azure adding more services at amazing price points, it’s a no-brainer to combine the two. Leave your traditional shared webhost behind and look to the cloud.

In this video, we’ll walk through creating a new, git-driven WordPress installation running as a Microsoft Azure Website. We’ll also tie into other cloud services, such as Azure Block Blob Storage for storing media, SendGrid for sending emails, and ClearDB for our database. You’ll be ready to launch to the cloud in no time!

Update: With this week’s Azure announcements, some things are slightly different from what’s presented in the video. Main examples: websites are now web apps, WordPress is now a template you have to search for, Web Hosting Plans are now called App Service Plans.

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