Jul 06

XMLUrlResolver: Using Embedded XSLT Resources in C#

Over the last week or so, I have been searching for a method to properly include XSL files via xsl:include within a .NET embedded resource. Apparently, using GetManifestResourceStream() (via an Assembly) wasn't good enough (it wouldn't follow the xsl:includes, simply ignoring them). Luckily, I came across a (semi-)working solution over... read more →
Jul 06

What I’ve Learned So Far

So far, my internship has been going great! I've had many opportunities to work in a new environment, and I've been able to tap into one of my more underused skills: programming. Since I've been working for Independent, I've been able to learn a lot of new concepts; not only... read more →
Jun 09

WordPress for iPhone

The WordPress for iPhone app is great! So far I've enjoyed using it with a couple of new blogs that I have setup (including my own). Having the ability to blog while on the to will help a lot with me actualy trying to get content on the web. A... read more →
Jun 09
Jun 07
Jun 06

I’ve Been Busy

It's time for a blank slate, time to start something new, and time to actually be fully productive. For the last couple of years, I've actually wanted to work on my site, but the problem was mainly time. I've always tried building custom solutions for my web site (i.e. generated... read more →