May 12

Microsoft Build 2017 – Day 3 Recap

Day three of Microsoft Build 2017 did not have a keynote, but that doesn't mean it ends without content to fill the day. Today will be focused on sessions, "The Hub", and catching some of the Channel 9 Live production happening right here at the conference. Here's a recap of the... read more →
May 12
May 11

Microsoft Build 2017 – Day 1 Recap

I'm very excited to be here in Seattle, Washington to attend the Microsoft Build 2017 conference! It's an honor to be amongst the geekiest of the geeks in the Microsoft community and to be able to absorb a ton of knowledge over the next few days. I'll be posting daily... read more →
May 08

Välkommen till Sverige!

Last week I made my first journey outside of the United States. As part of a business trip, I spent a few days in Gothenburg, Sweden to work face-to-face with a client. It was quite the experience, and I wanted to share a few highlights from the trip. (more…)
Apr 19

Speaking at That Conference 2017

I'm happy to announce that I'll be speaking at That Conference 2017! My session will be "Gulp, Grunt, WebPack: What's a Dev to Choose?". What's That Conference? Only the coolest conference in the midwest! Come geek out with me and hundreds of others and their families August 7th thru 9th... read more →
Mar 09

A Sick Weekend with the Nintendo Switch

No, that title isn't throwing back to 90's slang; last week I started to come down with a pretty rough cold. Luckily, it didn't come into full swing until after I picked up my Nintendo Switch pre-order. This gave me the unique opportunity to experience the Switch as both a home... read more →
Feb 27

Starting the Home Automation Process

When it comes to new and exciting technology, I'm often one of the first to jump on the bandwagon to see how the latest-and-greatest tech can improve my daily life. As a software engineer, I love the idea that with the right hardware and software combination, my day-to-day can improve and... read more →
Jan 27

Where Have You Been?

You may have noticed that this site has been a bit inactive since August. The end of 2016 was quite the whirlwind end-of-year for me; however, I'm looking forward to getting more content on here this year! And don't forget, there are many other places you can hear from me.... read more →
Aug 16
Aug 08