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Site Revisions Coming Soon

In the quest to deliver more interesting content, I have decided to change a couple of aspects regarding my site. Starting later today, I will be moving away from the “blog + portfolio” version of my site to something more “stream-oriented.”

I plan on setting up different “streams” that you can subscribe to. For instance, if you are only interested in my photography, you can just follow that. If you want to see everything tech-related, you can follow that. Or, if you’re hardcore, which you should be, you can follow the entire site (please, pick that option).

The first step of this process will start today: I’ll be posting a photo-blog entry of my recent visit to Jafax 15. Over the next few weeks, as I have time and finish other projects, you will start to see more of the changes. If you have any other suggestions, sound-off in the comments!

Apple, You’re Too Good to Me

I had ordered a replacement Mighty Mouse last year to replace the one that came with my 2006 iMac C2D. Over the last few months the middle mouse button hasn’t been working, which is really odd considering that the scroll ball was still fine. I called Apple a couple of months ago to see if they would be able to do a ship-and-replace on the mouse, but sadly were unable to do that since the mouse was purchased separately from a computer (apparently, that is an Apple Care service). Continue reading…

Safari Tip: Remove Failed Pages for Accurate Autocomplete

When I’m going to check my email or Facebook, I tend to type a little too fast in the address bar. Often I’ll type http://gma or http://faceb and hit return too fast. This can cause a lot of issues in Safari (or any other browser, I would assume), because it keeps these incorrect (and non-existant) pages in its history (my ISP is a DNS-hijacker). Now if I go to type the first part of the domain (e.g. http://gma) to have the browser autocomplete the address, the browser won’t because of that mistyped entry. Continue reading…

Poll: Mac Pro or iMac?

As my primary computer, I’m using a first-generation iMac Core 2 Duo; I believe I got it around Christmas 2007. At the time, I had little cash to spend on a computer, let alone a Mac; needless to say it wasn’t “top-of-the-line.”

Even though my iMac has served me well over the last two-to-three years, it’s time for an upgrade; it’s been lagging when running my normal day-to-day tasks, and choking when trying to do anything beyond that. So, I’ve done a bit of research and a lot of thinking, and I’ve come up with two possible solutions to my problem; however, I may need some help from you to decide on which route I should go. Continue reading…

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